Lightweight Rubber Track 930x50mm


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Lightweight Rubber Track 930x50mm


This is a pair of All Terrain reinforced 1.95 inch ( 50 mm ) wide tracks for UGVs.
They have a mesh reinforcement and are molded rubber with no splice.
These treads have 2 row off small teeth in the center of the track. They are 10mm square with 20mm pith space. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Application: Robots, engineering machinery,snowsweeper,and agriculture machine,etc.
  • These tracks will require your own wheel design.
  • Size: 930mm ( approximately internal circumference), 50mm width
  • Internal Teeth : 46 pair, 10x10mm base size, 9mm height
  • External Teeth : 23 teeth - 12mm height - off-road application
  • Weight: 470gr
  • What's Included : 1 pcs, single Rubber Track


RB-50B Rubber Track Datasheet

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Lightweight Rubber Track 930x50mm